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because why not [Friday April 1st]
it's bizarre to see how far i've come since opening this. I think I was in middle school. thirteen, fourteen maybe.

I'm 26 now. pretty awesome job. struggling a little with alcoholism in the last year or three. kind of weird. also i smoke a ton of weed. cause everyone does. it's weird what you think life will be and then what it becomes. fucking weird.
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[Monday June 6th]
[ mood | refreshed ]

7 years have passed since i opened this and looking back, i am relieved. i have changed more than i ever thought possible and it only gives me more hope for the future. knowing what time does to people is a great quality to have. i feel like i have gained so much wisdom since being a teenage-dramatic-ridiculous-lost girl, but it's so exciting knowing that i am only 21 now and that i am only going to keep changing and melding myself into the person that i want to be and am confident being.

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[Friday March 13th]
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